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Assembly has Begun!

We've been setting up production for the past 2+ weeks. Moving, building, setting, arranging and organizing. But we rest not!

This week we'll begin building conforming 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder units.

Unfortunately, these will all have to be pre-certification units as we still have numerous hurdles to clear in FAA certification but that process in progressing positively as well. Still no timeline, unfortunately. We will try to keep you posted but continue to never know when we should anticipate STC/PMA authorization(s).

We would appreciate it, if you own an Experimental aircraft - specifically a 6-cylinder - and would like to purchase an Electronic mag replacement, call us and place your order today. We can only build a limited number of units in this production run. Oh how we'd love for you to be in that number!

Call Katherine at (817) 373-5161 and order yours TODAY!

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